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In addition to smaller local events as I travel


2nd Big Mountain Enduro Series

2nd (tied) North American Enduro Tour Series

9th Enduro World Series, Winter Park (3rd American)

2nd and 4th at Enduro Cup races

1st  AZ Devo co-ed team 24 hours of Old Pueblo (with 4 high school boys)

1st Singlespeed Arizona

1st Interbike’s Enduro Challange


2012 XC Olympic Long Team

1st Singlespeed Arizona

A shoulder injury sustained in South Africa hindered race performance so I focused on clinics and raced just to keep the legs going while my shoulder healed. Races included:

Sunshine Cup Cyprus

World Cup races in Czech and France

National/Pro XCT races in Idaho, Montana and Wisconsin.


32 races in 29 weeks, 9 countries

5th USA Pro XCT Series Standing

5th USA Cycling XC Pro Rank

9th Cyprus UCI XC Series (5 race Series)

47th World Cup XC Series Standing

45th USA XC World Championship Switzerland

1st Singlespeed Arizona



2nd US Cup Triple Crown Series (XC, ST, Super-D)

2nd USA Super-D National championship

3rd USA Marathon National Championship

6th         Time Trial Colorado Springs UCI Stage Race 7/10-11 (National)

8th         XC  Colorado Springs UCI Stage Race 7/10-11 (National)

10th       Circuit Race Colorado Springs UCI Stage Race 7/10-11 (National)

27th       (1st USA) Marathon World Championship St. Wendal GER 8/8
                 (World Championship)
48th       (8th USA) XC World Cup Windham, NY 8/28
                 (World Cup Series)


1st         (13 of 95 men) Singlespeed USA 2/06 (National)
1st         co-ed 155-199 team and fastest female day and night lap
                 (3rd overall team, including all men's classes)
                 24 Hours of Old Pueblo 2/13-14
3rd         W 1/2/3 Galisteo Road Race Galisteo, NM 5/23 (State)
1st         female, 4th overall, women's course record,
                 Cochiti 45 5/22 (NM State)
9th         XC Triple Crown #2 Nathrop, CO 5/16 (National)
3rd         "SuperD" time trial Triple Crown #2 Nathrop, CO 5/15 (National)
2nd        Cross Country Angel Fire, NM 6/5/2010 (MSC Regional)
2nd        Super D Angel Fire, NM 6/6/2010 (MSC Regional)
2nd        Cross Country Los Alamos , NM 6/12/2010 (NM State)
2nd        Super D Final Triple Crown Massanutten, VA 6/19 (National)
3rd         Short Track Final Triple Crown Massanutten, VA 6/19 (National)
5th         Cross Country Final Triple Crown Massanutten, VA 6/20 (National)

Earlier highlights:

2003 Started riding mountain bikes, Entered First Local (GA) Beginner Race

2004 1st Expert Age Group USA National Championship (only National race attended)

2005 1st Expert Age Group USA National Series

2006 Upgraded to Local Pro Class

2007 Raced USA National Pro XC Series finishing in the 20s and 30s each race

2008 12th USA National Pro XC Series, 12th ST Pro Series, 13th USA National Championship

2009  USA Pro National Championships: 4th Marathon, 4th SuperD, 10th XC.  1st Singlespeed USA (50miler)