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I really enjoy clinics. New friends, fun on the bike and everyone is excited about increasing their skillset. Whether it's gaining confidence, learning about nutrition, understanding how to work on a bike or acquiring new race tactics, it is always a great time.

Krista made me feel comfortable, I wasn't intimidated by her, even though she's a pro rider, and her clinic made gave me confidence to try obstacles I previously wouldn't have tried.

Krista is a down-to-earth teacher who knows how to introduce real-world MTB concepts in a controlled,safe, and fun environment.

Krista's offers tons helpful information and skills that you can take right onto the trail, all delivered in a friendly, easy atmosphere.

Before the clinic, the idea of riding a mountain bike was absolutely daunting!  Krista's vast knowledge and hands-on approach to teaching newbies and experienced riders alike, gave me the confidence to attempt my first ride in the hills of Northern California, alongside none other than Krista herself!  Clear explanations, visual demonstration and then supervised group critiques made the entire process fun and approachable.  Getting to ride and test out new-found skills was simply icing on the cake.  Thanks, Krista!

I have been mountain biking on and off for 20 years and wonder why I can never make "that one switchback"" or why I always wreck on "that one section".  Taking your clinic was an eye opener for me and I can't wait to practice the skills and tips that you taught! 
Krista, I seriously loved that mini clinic you did for us.  That was the coolest part of the trip for me.  I realized I suck at my skills.  I never really knew what I was doing, just riding along, wrecking, etc...  There is a section of trail called "the spine" that I always wreck on that I have been too timid to try lately and I want to try again and a switchback that I've only made once that I want to be able to ride and I am excited to try and think about your advice.

Krista was able to show our group easy ways to learn mountain bike skills that really made sense when she as showing us as well as when we were riding off road on our own. I will use her drills from our clinic for years to come!